Your Student Reps


What are Student Reps and why do we have them?

Student Reps are the link between you and the University on all things course related. They listen to your thoughts and ideas about your course and feed this back to your School. Student Reps represent you at every level of the decision-making process within the University, so they really are your voice in shaping the future of your course. By telling your Student Rep how you are feeling about your course, they can drive positive change within the University to make sure you are getting the best experience you can whilst at Manchester.

You can find out more information via the Students' Union's website.

As an institution underpinned by democracy, reps form a large part of the University’s commitment to improving the student experience; so that every student of the University has representation where they need it. Reps endeavour to ensure that no matter your course, or your gender, sexuality or ethnicity, your views are represented adequately.

How do Student Reps represent me?

The activities of each Student Rep will vary, as the populations of students they represent can vary enormously. It might be that a 2nd-year Geography Course Rep will meet with the year group weekly to discuss their views, while a Faculty Rep will choose to hold drop-in sessions or use email. Reps will also use surveys and student focus groups to collect data and feedback from students in order to inform decisions and make positive change.
However your Reps gather your feedback, all will meet regularly with the relevant decision-makers of the University to put forward your ideas and opinions. The idea is that, by consulting Reps, the University consults you. To find out more about what Reps do to represent you, see the profiles below, or get in touch with them yourself.

How do I become a Student Rep for my programme?

The majority of programmes have recruited, elected or selected the Reps they need this year. If you're interested in the role, you can email to let us know and we'll see if there is a space available. If not, we can put your name down to become a Rep next academic year. Please note the recruitment process is different in each programme.

Contact details

For general enquiries or to raise a wider issue, contact your Education officer here, the Education Officer is supported in the role by the Education team who can be reached at

Student Union Democracy 

Students lead in all aspects of the Students’ Union. A range of elections, committees and research projects make sure that student leadership and decision-making is at the heart of everything we do. Alongside Student Reps, students can also get involved at Senate.

Senate is the highest decision-making body in the Students Union. It takes place 6 times and makes decisions about what the Students' Union should believe and take action on. It is made up of elected students including the 8 Executive Officers, Part-time Officers and additional 20 students are randomly selected to take part also.  Students who are not elected to be on Senate can also participate and debate on the policies that are up for discussion.

Executive Officer Roles 

The Student Executive Officer team and part-time officers are your voice to the University, meeting with senior leadership at the University as well as in the community around us, and their roles are to make change for you 

Read more about the current Exec Officers here.

How do I find my Rep? 

 - For course Reps – contact your programme administrator.
 - For all other reps, find out through the Students’ Union.

Rep FAQ's.