Students as Partners


What is Students as Partners?

'Students as Partners' describes opportunities for students to take an active role in supporting The University of Manchester to improve the student experience. There are different levels of partnership and at the highest level, students and staff co-deliver projects as equals.

Students as Partners offers students a unique opportunity to collaborate with academics and professional services staff, an experience that builds students’ confidence and allows an insight into potential future career interests.

What work does Students as Partners cover?

‘Students as Partners’ encompasses work undertaken by students to support the work and aims of the University. At its core, Students as Partners aims to get students involved at every level of the University structure, from providing casual roles in areas like hospitality, to working in leadership roles such as Executive Officers for the Students' Union. 

The Student Partnership Team 

The Student Partnership Team coordinates partnership opportunities for students to work with University staff, including focus groups and paid internships. They also offer guidance and advice for University staff looking to recruit and work in partnership with students. 

The  Student Partnership Team are also responsible for the Students as Partners Network and work collaboratively with other departments and the Students' Union to ensure there is a consistent approach to partnership working at the University of Manchester.

How can the Student Partnership Team support my work?

For students - The team recruit students for various paid, flexible roles working at the University. 

For staff - The team provides support to University staff looking to recruit students to deliver focus groups, student internships, and student partnerships.