Unit Surveys


Tell us about your quality of teaching

How do I complete the Unit Surveys?

Your anonymised Unit Surveys are really easy to complete either online, through MyManchester, or on your mobile.


Log into Blackboard using the link in My Manchester to find the individual Unit Surveys. Alternatively just follow the link in the email reminders to take you directly to your surveys. 

How do I give my opinion when unit surveys aren't taking place?

We depend on your honest feedback to make sure you have the teaching, resources, and facilities you need to succeed.

If you have something to say when unit surveys aren't running there are several ways you can still make a difference.

  • Speak to your lecturer, tutor, academic advisor, or course administrator directly. Remember that respectful, constructive criticism, backed up with examples, and with preferred alternatives where possible, is more likely to result in a positive effect.
  • Speak to your course and programme representatives. These are students who have chosen to join staff-student panels. They often have a very good relationship with staff, and can give your concerns a voice in School-level forums.
  • Speak to the Students' Union Academic Rep for your course. Elected Course and Faculty Reps work to create positive change, not only regarding your individual courses, but on wider University issues too.