Students' Union



Student Voice is an area within the Students’ Union that exists to ensure that students have their voices heard throughout the University as well as the Students’ Union itself.

The Students’ Union team

Officers from the Students’ Union sit on committees throughout the University, from the Board of Governors, Equality and Diversity and Attendance and Monitoring, as well as forming multi agency working groups with Greater Manchester Police and the City Council, and having regular meetings with the President and Vice Chancellor.

The General Secretary of the Students’ Union acts as the primary liaison between the University and the Union.  Read more about what that means in practice and how the Students’ Union makes sure students have their say by taking a look at what Naa Acquah (General Secretary 2015/16) has to say. 

The Student Voice office is located within the Students' Union building, and is open throughout the day so that you can talk to the Exec team about any concerns or ideas that you might have.

Student Reps

There are many different kinds of Student Reps, from Course Reps, Faculty Reps through to Liberation Reps. However, what they all have in common is the fact that their job is to represent groups of students.