Your Student Reps


What are student reps and why do we have them?

Student reps are students who are appointed as your representatives, to champion your interests, promote your views and act as a mouthpiece between you and decision makers in the University. 
As an institution underpinned by democracy, reps form a large part of the University’s commitment to improving the student experience; so that every student of the University has representation where they need it. Reps endeavour to ensure that no matter your course, or your gender, sexuality or ethnicity, your views are represented adequately.

How do reps represent me?

The activities of each student rep will vary, as the populations of students they represent can vary enormously. It might be that a 2nd year Geography course rep will meet with the year group weekly to discuss their views, while a Faculty rep will choose to hold drop-in sessions or use email. Reps will also use surveys and student focus groups to collect data and feedback from students in order to inform decisions and make positive change.
However your reps gather your feedback, all will meet regularly with the relevant decision makers of the University to put forward your ideas and opinions. The idea is that, by consulting reps, the University consults you.  To find out more about what reps do to represent you, see the profiles above, or get in touch with them yourself.

Types of student rep 


- Course reps: These are students on your course, in the same year group. Altogether there are over 1200 course reps; 
- School reps: These sit at the school level;
- 16 faculty reps: These represent students in each of the four Faculties (FLS, MHS, EPS, HUM).

Student Life

- 8 Liberation officers: Women’s, BME, disabled, LGBTQ;
- 6 Community reps: each representing a different student populated community (Fallowfield, Rusholme, City);
- 1 international officer: 
- 1 ethical and environmental officer;
- 8 executive officers: These are paid, f/t positions. General Secretary; Community Officer; Diversity Officer; Women’s Officer; Activities and Development Officer; Wellbeing Officer; Campaigns and Citizenship; Education Officer.

How do I find my rep? 

 - For course reps – contact your programme administrator.
 - For all other reps, find out through the Students’ Union.