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The Student Partner Programme (SPP) is part of the Student Success and Engagement Team at the University which sits with the Division of Teaching, Learning and Student Development (TLSD). You can contact the Student Partner Programme Team if you have any queries around partnership and collaborating with the University, whether through Consultations or Partnership Projects; please do get in touch on

The Student Partnership Team is here to help facilitate projects across the university to recruit and engage a diverse cohort of students to work on a range of different projects. We are also more than happy to help Staff members interested in recruiting Students Partners to work with you on projects.

We offer regular 1:1s and support to ensure you are getting the most out of your partnership for our students. We also provide development opportunities/selective workshops to skill you up even further!

Joining our more extensive Partnership Network will also provide you with the opportunity to find out more about Partnership activity across the University and the chance to join this fantastic network after your project has concluded. 


Chloe Salins - Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator

Chloe began working at the University in September 2020 after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at University. After completing her degree, Chloe was elected as the Education Officer for the University of Manchester Students’ Union in 2019. 

From this work, Chloe then became a Student Engagement Graduate Officer for the Student Partners Programme, and is now the Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator for Student Partnership, working with the Institute and Faculties to engage and employ students to work on projects across the University that will improve Teaching and Learning at the University. Chloe is keen to help the Student Partner Interns develop and build their confidence to share their views and ideas to enact change at the University. Chloe is also a member of the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities Young Person’s Task Force, working to support and develop young people’s experiences in Education and Employment across Greater Manchester.

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Mila Paisley - Student Engagement Graduate Officer    

Mila began working at the University in October 2021 after completing her undergraduate degree in Politics and sociology. While completing her degree, Mila was an Officer for the Women's Committee.

From this work, Mila then became a Student Engagement Graduate Officer for the Student Partners Programme, working with a range of faculties and institutes across the University to engage, employ, and empower students to make meaningful changes to their University experience and to ensure they are active agents in their Teaching and Learning.

Mila wants to help students get the most of their University experience, supporting students to develop their confidence and holistic life skills. Mila also writes for the Mancunion and volunteers at the University's sector of Refugee Women Connect. 

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