Current Opportunities for Students 

Becoming Part of Our Student Partner Pool 

Due to the number of projects we have available, we are recruiting for students to join our recruitment pool. You will be asked to complete an application outlining your interest in working on partnership projects. If you are successful you will then be a part of our Student Partner Recruitment Pool, where we will share paid projects when they become available.

For each project you will be asked to complete an application activity - to see examples please see our resource bank 

If you are interested in becoming a Student Partner Intern, please contact us at

What Support Will I Get When I Work On A Project?

Training and Development

Throughout your time in the Student Partner pool, you will get the chance to attend bespoke training. This can include support for running focus groups, surveys, and interviews and additionally training on managing group dynamics, influencing for outcomes in projects and more!

1-1 Project Support

Once you are working on a project with a staff partner, we will have regular 1-1's with you to check in and see if there is any additional support needed. In the past student partners have asked for support in delivering focus groups, challenging staff partner dynamics, and career support. We want student partners to see this as an opportunity for bespoke support in a safe space.


The Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP) is an opportunity for you to receive a formal, national qualification recognising your contributions to teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Current Opportunities for Staff

Designing and Delivering Your Project 

As a programme, we want to support staff in designing and delivering a project in partnership with students. We are happy to discuss any initial ideas or topics you have in mind and can help you to shape this. Our main focus is to ensure that projects are meaningful and the partnership with students is at its core.

What Support Will I Get When I Work On A Project?

As a staff partner, we will support you in the design and delivery of your project. This may be by us acting as a critical friend to provide feedback on your project outline, or to help you map where partnership activities could be embedded in your project.

Once you have started your project, we recommend having a Kickstarter meeting with your student partner. These meetings are a critical way for your student partner to understand the context and rationale for the project, as well as the intended outcomes and next steps. These meetings normally involve only the staff and student partner, but you may want to include any critical stakeholders and colleagues they will be working with. We encourage staff partners to follow our model agenda and to regularly meet with their student partner and check-in with each other to see how they are finding the project. 

Feel free to send any questions you may have to